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Established 2018, the owners of Gulage Clothing wanted to build up a fashion brand with a high quality approach in the world of streetwear and urbanstyle. Highquality garments and special materials are the essence of a well-cutted sew and comfortable clothing line for a well dressed person in the world of fashion. 

Find out about the new urban lifestyle which attracts millions of people around the world - to find their personal fashion identity.



The collections are strongly limited and are numerated by hand. So you will get a individual piece of the clothing line and be Unique in Gulage Clothing.



The fascination and passion for fashion was build up in western Germany. Creating exciting and catchy details in every clothing piece with a highfashion twist.

The clothing line in oriented in the basic essentials category and Ready-to-wear fashion. 


One of the main markable details is the animal logo of Gulage Clothing. The geometrical elephant.

It combines the attitudes of strenght, power and confidence and is the eyecatcher of this clothing and fashionbrand.


Be elephantic!

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